370 Kitchen – Pal Gam

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370 Kitchen Pal is a big place located at pal gam between some good residential properties and just near sanjiv kumar auditorium . It is a part of the Lakeview restaurant. You will simply fall in love with everything.


You will love the place from the entrance as it has nice fountains which increases the beauty and just after it there is a kids play area. Property is divided in 3 parts : 1st is the sitting which is covered which will be useful when its daytime or sunny or raining. 2nd is the sitting which is just outside it which is also super cool will give you the best experience in the town. 3rd is the sitting on terrace with nice gazebo for a big group of 8 to 10 people which is the best.


Staff is nice and you will be happy to enjoy the hospitality.


We started with guvava merry and it was really good, then we had onion and cheese soup was great, then we had lal paneer ki seekh which was also nice and the rose created with carrot was superb. Masala chaas and masala papad was also good. Paneer rogan gosh was great accompanied with garlic nan and pudina roti which was new but was great. Cheese masala pulao was the best.


Good food at an reasonable price will be my final answer.



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